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Pitason & SmartPro is always more than just a work place its the place where you build companionships for life, our energetic and knowledgable fun loving teams ensure we accomplish our tasks with the utmost creativity and performance.

Software Engineering

Working as a Software Engineer in Pitason and SmartPro commonly need to have working knowledge of a variety of programming languages and applications. This is largely due to the diversity of work they can be involved in.

Software engineers, also sometimes known as software developers, build and design computer programs to meet with corporate requirements.

Upon completion, the software engineers test the programs, debug and maintain them.

Database Administration

Our database administrators use specialized software to store and organize data. Their role may include capacity planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery amongst others.

Front Desk

Our front desk office or reception is an area where visitors arrive and first encounter a staff at a place of business. Our front desk officer staff deals with whatever question the visitor has and put them in contact with a relevant person at the company

Infrastructure & Networking

The widespread popularity of wireless mobile devices and their growing importance in business calls for robust, fast and secure network coverage throughout your offices. Pitason & SmartPro is a specialist in networking and communication, and we offer a wide range of solutions.


We are certain that we can develop the right staff training and development programme you require

Drone Solutions

A young dynamic team of professionals with individual diverse expertise at your service to explore the possibilities of aerial solutions. We operate safe, secure and legally.

IT Consultancy

IT is integral to business success, but it can be difficult to keep ahead of the rapidly changing technology advances and new solutions being released. We provide IT consultancy, which gives you access to a large team of IT experts.
We work hard to stay at the forefront of the latest innovations and partner
with industry leaders so that we can pass these benefits onto our clients.
Our strength lies in our people, honesty and expertise; we really listen to your challenges and requirements and then solve them with the best technical solutions, only recommending what we truly believe will bring you long-term value.