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Pitason & SmartPro provides a wide range of Application Software Development Outsourcing services. Our strength in Enterprise Application Development, Financial Services Industry, Commercial, Manufacturing, and Travel Industry etc. We have self motivated highly qualified IT Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Management Accountants & financial consultants who can work in many industrial domain and different technology platforms

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Project Management
Entire project management and planning is based in automated tools and the Pitason & SmartPro Project Management Database System (PMDS). This facilitates accurate project delivery, resources allocation and to take timely action in case project deviates from the agreed project plan.

Quality Assurance Process
The entire project phases are quality assured according to the Pitason & SmartPro Quest Standard and all version control and configuration management is done using Concurrent Version System (CVS).

eCommerce Application Development
We design and develop eCommerce Solutions for different transaction processess such as Business to Business (B2B), Business to Client (B2C), and Business to Employee (B2E) etc. Using object Oriented concepts and tools.

Bespoke Application Development Methodology
Our application development methodology is based on the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Approach. We are using many of the world's leading Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools, to analyse, design and build phases of the software development life cycle.