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Today’s high-tech and increasingly competitive global economy requires organizations (employers and workers) to have the most advanced skills and tools available to succeed.

This is why effective job training is essential today more than ever before. Pitason & SmartPro considers the classroom experience the foundation of our Integrated Learning Approach. We continue to make it more enriching, dynamic and valuable for business organizations

Pitason and SamrtPro has built a reputation for high quality training, addressing the needs of discerning financial institutions and other businesses both in Nigeria and abroad. Pitason and SmartPro offers short term training courses catering for various needs and requirements of our clients.

Pitason and SmartPro had committed itself to empower corporate bodies in Nigeria and beyond with needed knowledge and skills for competitive advantage.

We offer you the best

Executive Training
This training is meant for the directors and top management staff of organization.Pitason & SmartPros Executive training will challenge your assumptions, disrupt your usual ways of doing business, and introduce you to new ways of thinking.

FinTech Training
Financial Technology (FinTech) is one of the fastest growing sectors of technology poweredinnovation. Companies are engaging in FinTech innovations as thefutureFinancial Servicesindustry. Administrative and management staff need this training in order to enhance theirproductivity.

IT Training
The way we approach business is changing. As we continually pivot to keep pace with rapidlyevolving technology. IT departments are experiencing tremendous changes as their role expand toimpact customer service, sales, and even business strategies. This training is vital for IT andOperation department staff. Also, the IT support and software development staff are the target forthis training.

Mode of Training

On Site Training
In this case, we move the training to the client’s office or center.

In House-training
In this mode of training, the training is conducted in Pitason and SmartPro training center. The center is well equipped with state of the art facilities for corporate training.

Video Conferencing
We are aware that for some reasons, our clients/trainees may not be disposed for the above two options. We apply this mode of training inorder to train our clients regardless of their location.